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Library Media Center

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The LMBMS Library is open Monday-Friday from 8:45am to 3:45pm. 

Our collection includes fiction and non-fiction books: 8,130 total, as well as magazines, comic books, online resources and research databases.  

Students may check out 2 books at a time for 2 weeks, and renew them once for an additional 2 weeks. One or more books must be returned before another book may be obtained.  

Library Rules

-A pass is required to visit the library. Students without a pass will be returned to class.
-Students will respect other people, personal property, and library property. 
-The Library is for reading, research, and quiet study. 
-Students are encouraged to always ask permission before using library items.
-LMBMS Code of Conduct will be followed.

It is always Time to Read at LMBMS!

Meet Ms. Layne, Librarian

Before becoming our Librarian, Ms. Layne taught French, English, and ESL. Her international outlook and love of learning is what drew her to the library profession. Ms. Layne holds a B.A. in Communications from Mary Baldwin College and an M.Ed. in Library Science from Old Dominion University. She loves reading, gardening, and animals. This is her 5th year at Brown.